photography by Jaime Fazackerley


Mimicking its outline, the artwork takes inspiration from the nearby North Lake. 

The artwork, suspended on the existing frame structure, is a curved surface comprised of six hundred small, metallic pieces in a range of shimmering anodised hues.

Nesting 2020
Nesting detail view

It mimics the lake's surface with subtle ripples of coloured waves. Inspired by the reflection of the water’s surface, the horizontal symmetrical split line integrates the artwork into the architectural style of the surrounding development.

Artwork location in proximity to the inspiring Beeliar Regional Park:

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anodised aluminium
commissioned by Rhyian Pty Ltd
special thanks to:
Bjoern Rainer Adamson, Nidas Arkusauskas, AMF
suspended, bent, circular form of 3.5m diameter