"We are greed" sculpture

A sculpture inspired by the complexity of humans desires.

Chevron: "Gorgon LNG project is occupying 1.3 percent of Barrow Island Australian Class A Nature Reserve."

All the punched holes occupy only 1.3 percent of the umbrella surface, calculation:
Umbrella area (surface) =1 029 026 mm2
1.3% from above = 13 377.35 mm2
hole diameter is 5mm = area is 19.635 mm2
13 377.35/19.635 = 681 holes


Sculpture "We A Greed" was inspired by Chevron's $90million greenwashing campaign "WE AGREE"

umbrella, gold, map
for sale. Please contact me
special thanks to:
Pavla Kopecka, Nisargam, PulseArt studio
~1000mm x ~1000mm x ~1000mm

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